the ability to transform

Kodiak Capital provides investment and turnaround support to businesses in high stress scenarios. Our focus on a quick solution, in tandem with management, aims to get the business back to a steady base from which to grow. We believe that businesses in need of our support often need a fresh perspective, a fair balance sheet and an efficient capital structure so that management can drive the business forward. We focus on the first 100 days of a turnaround, collaborating with the management team and employee base to revitalise the approach.




Kodiak Capital was set up to help businesses in high stress scenarios with a turnaround strategy, restructuring the balance sheet and building the business back with a more efficient capital base.

We focus on three key areas – supporting management, making swift decisions and working on a turnaround programme to revitalise the business. We work alongside creditors, if required, to make sure that there are minimal disruptions to the ongoing trading of the business.

We have more than 30 years experience working with management teams and have worked on more than 150 transactions. Having worked through all parts of the economic cycle of businesses, we are acutely aware of the importance of efficiency in the decision making process. We provide a service to help founders and management teams do what they do best – build businesses over the long term.

“The ability to react quickly, transact efficiently and instantly take progressive steps forward gives management teams the comfort to build success over the long term”

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